23. mai 2017
Dette spørsmålet og svaret er over 3 år gammelt. Lover og regler kan ha endret seg siden da. Spør gjerne på nytt om du er usikker.


I have a friend that is living in asylmotakk, he doesn’t really want to talk about his case and became introvert and distant from us. He told us that when he called the udi they told him that it is impossible for him to stay here, and few days after, the receptionist told him also the same thing (tho I don’t know if it’s true, or they really said exactly the same thing). They told him that he just have to wait for the letter and it will come soon. He is now assuming that the answer he’s going to get is negative. I know I shouldn’t be asking this because I myself thinks the same thing, as he does. But anyone of you guys who have another opinion? Is there still a chance for him to stay here?

Tema: Asyl


It’s not possible for us to know the answer to your friend’s asylum application. He should wait for the answer from UDI. If the answer from UDI is negative, he can appeal to the Immigration Appeal Board.

Your friend’s lawyer can help him understand what is happening in his asylum case. He can also get free legal aid from Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (NOAS).