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About the Ombudsperson

The Ombudsperson for Children is an advocate for children and young Peoples rights.

The Norwegian Ombudsperson for Children was the world’s first Ombudsperson for Children. Now there is an Ombudspersons for Children in many countries around the world.

The Ombudsperson for Children is appointed by the King and occupies the post for six years.

Inga Bejer Engh became Ombudsperson for Children in 2018 and will hold office until 2024.  She is a lawyer.

Our duties:

  • To ensure that the opinions of children and young people are heard and that their rights are upheld.
  • One of our most important duties is to ensure that the authorities in Norway comply with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is enshrined in Norwegian law.
  • The Ombudsperson for Children is an independent body. This means that we form our own opinions and decide what areas we are going to focus on.

How we work:

The Ombudsperson for Children also seeks to influence the authorities in ways that can create a better society for children and young people. We do this through:

  • Holding lectures and seminars for people who work with/provide services for children
  • Writing letters to the authorities when we believe that the rights of children are not being satisfactorily upheld
  • Giving statements when laws are being written or amended.
  • Giving interviews to the media and being active on social media platforms
  • Meeting with government ministers and members of Parliament

We also provide advice and information on the rights of children to people who contact us online or via email/telephone.

One of the most important duties we perform is talking to the children and young people themselves about their experiences and relaying recommendations and perspectives to decision-makers.

Every year, the Ombudsperson for Children directs especial attention to one or more areas within which we have identified the need to reinforce the rights of children.

What can we do for you?

Anyone can contact the Ombudsperson for Children. You can reach us online, by email or telephone. We can answer questions regarding your rights and help you get in touch with people who can help you.

What we cannot help you with

The Ombudsperson for Children cannot:

  • override decisions made by competent authorities, for example the social welfare authorities or the immigration authorities, the school or the courts.
  • Interfere in conflicts between parents about custody for children or in conflicts between parents and children.

However, we can use the experiences of children to alert the authorities to the necessity of making changes to the law or its application in order to better uphold the rights of children.

How you can get in touch with us: