21. februar 2018

Excluding from group play by his classmates

this, for me, is very important topic and I cannot afford to type in Norwegian in order not to miss anything. My son has been going in the same kindergarten for past 3 years. He is bilingual and till last August he didn’t have too much of a problem getting along with others. Of course there was biting, hitting from his part but we were assured that is a normal thing. August 2017 he changed his teachers and after 12 weeks in total we learned that he was being excluded by his group mates but were being assured that he was fine. He was telling us that nobody played with him anymore, but his teacher was telling us completely opposite thing. We had countless meetings with that teacher and barnehageleder but yet again he has started to tell us that he keeps getting excluded from the game. We have asked even to change his immediate teacher because we felt that we don’t have a good communication. The new teacher immediately saw that he was being excluded but he is still assigned to the old teacher regarding the language improvement.
We are very stressed out because that situation seems isn’t addressed with full focus. He will start in his last year in the kindergarten this August. We are afraid that he will have one year tossed away and that he will really have issues later on.
Is there anything that we can do in order to improve his time in the kindergarten at all?


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